What are ShowNodes?

ShowNodes is electronic technology that connects the VenueMagic® Show Control Software to the hardware (lights, props, animatronics, sensors, switches, etc…) in your haunt or escape room. A single ShowNodes device, called a node, has several banks of terminal connectors for attaching the various input and control wires from your hardware. VenueMagic controls lights and props through the node. Likewise, input from switches and sensors can be received through the node to trigger events within VenueMagic. A ShowNodes node can also playback timelines that have been created with VenueMagic and uploaded to the node. Video playback is also available.

ShowNodes Features

Available features vary based on node type. The features listed below represent what is currently in the IO48DMX-CTRL model.

Props & Animatronics

Many animatronic characters use common RC servo motors to provide motion. These motors usually require a PWM signal to control their position. ShowNodes offers up to 16 PWM outputs in a single node, specifically designed for RC servos. Pneumatic props and animatronics that do not use PWM can be controlled by digital outputs in most cases.

Movie time!

ShowNodes includes an HDMI connector and can play most common video formats (including 4K) and files (MP4, etc..). Video playback can be started, stopped or paused by timelines and events within the node itself or by a command from VenueMagic or from other nodes.

Plug-n-play away

Adding ShowNodes to a VenueMagic project is as simple as plugging the node into the network. VenueMagic automatically detects the node, its type and capabilities, then populates its available I/O lists so the node is immediately ready for use.

Standalone timeline player with audio

Timelines designed and run in VenueMagic can be uploaded to nodes for standalone (i.e.: without VenueMagic connected) playback. This includes lighting, prop and animatronic control as well as 2 channels of audio which VenueMagic mixes-down from the audio tracks in the timeline. Up to 20 timelines, with audio, can play at the same time on a node. Audio for all timelines playing is layered. Timelines and audio files are uploaded to ShowNodes over the LAN.

It's expandable

Start with a single node if that's all you require. Then, as you get bigger, just keep adding more nodes as you need them. Up to 253 nodes will play nicely together on a network like one big happy family.

Share and share alike

ShowNodes love to share. Every node on the same network can share I/O with every other node. This includes digital inputs/outputs, PWM and DMX. Nodes can also tell other nodes to play timelines or videos.

Ethernet communication

Nodes communicate with VenueMagic over a standard Local Area Network (LAN) via Ethernet.

Digital Inputs

A node can have up 16 to optically-isolated digital inputs. Inputs handle up to 24 volts and are perfect for wiring up:

  • Buttons/Switches
  • Motion detectors
  • Pressure sensing mats
  • IR beam sensors
  • Outputs from other control hardware

Digital Outputs

Up to 16 isolated digital outputs are available on a node, each providing up to 350 mA (peak) at up to 24V. These are great for driving:

  • LED’s
  • Small incandescent lamps
  • Pneumatic solenoids
  • Relays
  • Maglocks
  • Small electric motors

DMX 512 Output

A standard DMX 512 output will control lights, dimmer boxes, foggers, strobes and any other hardware designed for DMX control.

It's got the smarts

Much of VenueMagic's logic control capabilities—which allows it to make decisions based on multiple inputs—is included in ShowNodes. Other VenueMagic features like variables and channel routing are also available in ShowNodes. All these features make ShowNodes much more than a simple timeline player. It's a complete, smart show control system in a box!

Quick replacement

If a node is somehow damaged and no longer functions, just unplug it from the network and plug in a new node of the same type. VenueMagic detects the new node and gives you the option of replacing the one that's missing. VenueMagic automatically configures and programs the new node to function exactly like the old one. The removable Phoenix terminal connectors also makes wiring up the new node a snap (literally).

Spreading the load...and the risk!

Putting all the control of your haunt into a single computer on a rack has one major hitch: If the rack goes down, so does your haunt. Wouldn't it be great if you could divide up your haunt into separate zones, each with its own controller? That way if one zone stops working, all the other zones keep going uninterrupted. ShowNodes makes this easy. As you create your show with VenueMagic, you can assign the timelines to different nodes on the network. Then let the nodes run the show. All VenueMagic has to do is sit pretty in its rack, monitoring the nodes and alerting you to any problems. The whole rack can blow a fuse or burst into flames…but the show will go on!

why we do it

We’ve been there

We developed ShowNodes to use in our large commercial projects. We put features into them that we need in our projects and expect others to find them useful.

We want to bring innovation

Need something specific for your project?  We constantly work with different customers to add and refine features and introduce new products to our product line.


What they say

Justin Fisher 

Field of Screams

We get excited every time we turn one on and start to program because we know the possibilities are endless.

Dexter Morgan

Crisis Rooms, Escape room Designer

Shownodes have completely revolutionized my work, and what is possible in escape rooms and haunted houses. They have taken my shows to the next level and far beyond!





16 Inputs, 16 Outputs, 16 PWM

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